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Our preference is Sliquid Sea but there are many that work. He'd done it before, loved it, and once we got serious, he asked me to give it a try. Because the dildo isn't my body, I couldn't feel what I was doing without a hand down there; I couldn't tell if I was actually penetrating or just bumping awkwardly around near his ass. I think it was probably more physically pleasurable for my partners, who were experienced at it and knew exactly what they needed to do to make it a great romp. Woman B: I thought it was fun and interesting, but I think he liked it more. It also keeps men from being willing to try being penetrated because they associate it with weakness. Not because it wasn't enjoyable, but just because there's equipment and prep involved, and it's not something he's always in the mood for.

The second partner had to be prompted a little on my part. We were also a bit drunk at the time and I had asked him what he wanted to do. He was the one who requested it, and I was like, "Oh, OK, sure." So we did it, and then post-sex — pegging, vaginal, everything — he turned to me and asked, "Was that weird, how much I liked that? Personally, being the one in the role of penetrator was new, and fun, and something I wouldn't mind doing again. I'm with a different partner now who isn't into it. We had really good sex no matter what so this was just a one-off thing we did that was great too. In hindsight, I would have prepared a bit more and known what to do, especially with clean-up and stuff. Woman A: I've already said this but lube, lube, lube, lube, lube.

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Explore live sex shows with cougars and horny, naked mature women on cam.Most people misunderstand Jesus’ words: “Anyone who looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery with her in his heart” (Matthew , NIV84). First, Jesus is not saying that lust is the same as adultery.Obviously, the act of physical adultery causes worse problems than having a lustful desire in your heart., but what's it really like to play the role of penetrator as a woman? I'd also be open to trying it with casual relationships. Woman A: I used a strap-on with both partners I've pegged with and enough lube to drown a horse. The goal wasn't for me to orgasm from pegging him; that would have required some additional equipment or stimulation and this was about him. There are aspects of dominance, power, intimacy, and strength that I don't think we get to experience in quite the same wordless way when it comes to vanilla sex. And it was really interesting to see how much he liked it. I liked giving him the opportunity to try something he'd been wanting to try, and it's fun to play with sex toys, so that was an equal benefit. Having a guy underneath you, with the gasping and groaning, is spectacular. Woman C: Mostly there were technical issues to work out: how to get the right angle, how to move, how to control speed and depth. Here, three anonymous women get real about pegging — a dynamic-flipping sex act in which a woman has anal sex with a man via a strap-on dildo.) waited until we were very close to bring it up out of shyness or embarrassment. It was with a serious partner — we'd been dating for six months. Both strap-ons were softer silicone models but one had a vibe that also pleasured the wearer. Woman C: I used a Joque harness, which I love because the size range is really forgiving. We used a slim silicone dildo and of course, lots of water-based lube. Psychologically, I try not to get wrapped up in the "penetrator as person with power" dynamic. It erases female-female relationships and weirdly skews people's view of male-male, with focus on who's pitching and who's catching.

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