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Continue reading Posted on Thursday, February 4th, 2016 by Peter Kelso The idea of a National Redress Scheme (NRS) for victims represents a positive step forward and is something I have proposed for a long time.A model for an NRS has now been recommended by the Child Abuse Royal Commission … D.'s Narration: Turk and Carla were converting my old bedroom into a nursery, so I helped paint a mural for the new baby. step back to admire the mural as Carla enters.) Turk & J. Turk: That's Optimus Prime, and I don't think he'd appreciate you calling him the big, ugly one. Despite the drought conditions, market stalls were packed with the bounty of the Central Texas fall harvest, and seductive cooking aromas attracted a crowd to watch KVUE newswoman Olga Campos and Ameri­can-States­man writer started his week off complaining about the fact that the city of Austin decided to become a South by Southwest sponsor and waive the costs to the city of hosting the Festival - like they do for lots of events.The average, everyday, "just like reg'lar folks" Johnny-boy (who recently turned his column into a round-about way of bragging that he drives that most blue-collar of vehicles, a Lexus) seems to believe that our beloved leader, Louis Black, dines on foie gras, probably paid for from the city sponsorship...""...Such a response does not reflect, in any way, a negative appraisal of the prospective organization or the value of its programs and services.

While support in other areas may also be considered, the Company seeks to apply its financial, technological and human resources to the encouragement of the creative, artistic, technical and scientific skills required of tomorrow's workforce.

"This guy who blogs for the Austin Chronicle Web page wrote I was a 'surly cuss' for gooning the South by Southwest music conference for taking freebies from the City of Austin. 'Local professional surly cuss started his week off complaining about the fact that the City of Austin decided to become a SXSW sponsor and waive the costs to the city of hosting the festival — like they do for lots of events,' Richard Whittaker wrote." His Cornponeness goes on to say, "If the Chronicle really wants to jeopardize its fine reputation as a journalistic beacon of light shining on city malfeasance, fine...""...

The second annual Eat Local Week benefiting Urban Roots culminated last Saturday with a Celebrity Local Food Cook-Off at the Downtown Farmers' Market (Fourth & Guadalupe).

Continue reading Posted on Tuesday, February 16th, 2016 by Peter Kelso Child abuse survivors were enraged this month by Justice Peter Mc Clellan’s decision to allow Cardinal George Pell to give evidence to the Royal Commission via video link.

Pell’s ,000-a-day lawyer had argued vigorously that his client should be excused from …

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