Reese witherspoon dating jim toth

Nonetheless, the lip kit mogul kicked off her birthday celebrations yesterday as she attended her boyfriend Travis Scott's concert with Kendrick Lamar earlier in the evening.Following the gig at the Staples Center in El Lay, the It-girl was greeted by her loved ones at a surprise soiree.But don't just read our descriptions, check out all the fabulous shenanigans for yourself (below)! As we reported, in February, Sofia Vergara went to court in an attempt to block ex Nick Loeb from using the frozen embryos they created while they were a couple back in 2013. As he continues his weird legal drama with Sofia Vergara over access to frozen embryos they created while dating, Nick Loeb is apparently willing to reveal some personal relationship drama. Related: Here's What Sofia Got For Her One-Year Anniversary With A Real Man!star took to Twitter to share her love and appreciation."6 years ago I was lucky enough to marry this wonderful man," the Oscar winner captioned a photo of her and her husband standing on a tropical beach and starring out over the crystal blue waters at a sunset dipping down on the horizon.But the greatest hype surrounds celeb relationships–who’s dating who (or let’s face it, who’s merely spotted next to whom), where they’re wining and dining, and especially anything to do with celebrity weddings.From the moment someone gets engaged, there is a metaphorical spotlight cast.

Dressed in a white lace dress with ruffled skirt, the hostess with the mostest was definitely also the life of the party as she pranced around her backyard canoodling with said mermaid and a dancer dressed in little more than a bejeweled bikini and feather headdress.I think who Reese is sort of radiates and emanates.She's incredibly conscientious, kind and good to people.In our Hollywood-obsessed society, people are constantly craving the latest breaking news about A-list stars.And this can mean the super mundane, like what *insert celebrity name here* had for breakfast.

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