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Social Proof – The more women that want you, the more you can have.I will show you exactly how to use this to your benefit and have women chasing you.But the sad fact is that they will NEVER tell you them - because if they told you, it would be like they were giving away insider stock trading information. If you're struggling, you'll get the information you need to improve and massively change your dating success.There's a secret silence among women to protect this information from getting out to guys. If you're moderately successful, you'll get the tips and tactics that will put you into the top percentile of men who get any woman they want.I knew I had to master attracting and bedding women. I went into the real world and practiced, and I found several little known secrets that rapidly increase sexual desire in the female. However the attitude of “I am the prize” is a primary attraction trait. I have been the millionaire who couldn’t get a second date, and the broke guy (who is 20 year older) sleeping with multiple hot college girls.

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Maybe below average since I rarely dated the girls I wanted.These women develop protective mechanism against men.This is the reason they may seem indifferent when you first begin interacting with them.Fake Alpha Males and the mistakes they make You’ll learn – The gap between the image you want others to have of you, and the real you. He’s the author of the book “The Dating Attitude,” and has produced over 50 hours of audio trainings for men who are looking to get their lives in order. He goes on to explain specific steps that a man can take to acquire these attributes, as well as strategies to overcome the obstacles (both internal and external) that will impede him on his journey.

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